11th December 7.30pm £7 in advance, £8.50 on the door.

Saoirse and Aisling, two sixteen-year-old schoolgirls from Ireland, decide to escape the confines of their strict, Catholic families, for the buzzing streets of London. Having watched her Mother fold her Dad’s shirts by day and sink her sorrows in a bottle of whisky by night, Aisling wants to live boldly. Saoirse has a darker secret.

Recruited to work for a glamorous ‘magazine company’ in London, Saoirse and Aisling make the journey to the big city, armed with a wad of cash stolen from the church collection box. When this company doesn’t quite live up to what it appeared to be, and the girls find themselves penniless and working without payment, their dreams begin to crumble in front of them, and they must fight to break free.

A story of religious tension, suppression and freedom, ‘Dreamphone’ explores shame, youth and the measures we will take to protect the ones we love.

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