Dirty Tricks: How the Illusionati Rule the World

13th – 15th August 6pm £12/10

The Great Baldini presents Dirty Tricks: How the Illusionati Rule the World

The Great Baldini is the head of the shadowy and sinister Illusionati – a group of elite magicians controlling the world through the magical dark arts. In ‘Dirty Tricks’ he reveals how the Illusionati launder money, rig elections and support MI6 and the CIA. One audience member receives the opportunity to join the Illusionati.

The next wholly (im)plausible (magical) conspiracy theory for the Internet. Imagine Tommy Cooper meets Blofeld.

The Great Baldini (‘Emperor of Illusion’, ‘Prince of Prestidigitation’, ‘Maharajah of Mystery’) is a magical legend, a music hall relict and an old school theatrical performer. Baldini is a Magic Circle member and award-winning member of Bristol Society of Magic and Wessex Magical Association.

“This is an old-style magic act. The tricks themselves are clever and well-done. The show is funny, the humour underlying everything in it. The ‘off the cuff’ banter is nicely pitched, never making the audience feel picked on or belittled. The Great Baldini is charming, engaging and a charismatic entertainer. An hour spent in his company is a pleasure” FRINGE REVIEW

“Incredible” (Front Row, BBC Radio 4)

“Wonderful, a joy.” (Pick of the Week, BBC Radio 4)

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