Coronavirus – A Great British Farce

2nd, 3rd & 4th August 9pm £14

Flugelman Productions (co-produced by Mark Daniels Writer Ltd) present Coronavirus – A Great British Farce

Come and laugh the trauma away at this dark comedy, inspired by the writer’s ridiculous lockdown diary entries. Joe’s stuck in a tiny London flat trying to make sense of the pandemic. One day, whilst watching a government briefing on TV, he decides to answer back. This sets off a surreal conversation with… the Prime Minister? Or maybe it’s his friend on Facebook? Or… maybe it’s his fridge. All Joe knows is, he definitely doesn’t know. The news is confusing – his brain isn’t keeping up.

A previous version of this script won Shakespeare In Italy’s 2021 playwriting competition. It’s like a purging of the strange times we’ve been living through. The play’s two actors take you on a high-energy farcical journey from panic buying to Jackie Weaver via Dominic Cummings, with an unhealthy dose of British gusto thrown in. You could think of this show as an absurdist trip into Joe’s mind that critiques British officialdom’s manic pandemic response, as if Ionesco were writing a Number 10 briefing. Or you could think of it as fun, weird and laugh-out-loud theatre.

This play is therapy. This play is catharsis. This play is GIBBERISH. Trust us, laughter is the best post-lockdown medicine.

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