Corona Daze

19th – 25th May 7.30pm £15/10

It is March 2020 and the public is demanding action against the coronavirus. Nicky Parsons is one of them.

At the start, she’s got the lockdown nailed. But before long, life descends into chaos as Nicky loses control.

Corona Daze is a humorous portrait of a woman on a housebound journey of enlightened self-discovery.

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19th May (Full Price)show details + £15.75 GBP  
19th May (Concession)show details + £10.75 GBP  
20th May (Full Price)show details + £15.75 GBP  
20th May (Concession)show details + £10.75 GBP  
21st May (Full Price)show details + £15.75 GBP  
21st May (Concession)show details + £10.75 GBP  
22nd May (Full Price)show details + £15.75 GBP  
22nd May (Concession)show details + £10.75 GBP  
23rd May (Full Price)show details + £15.75 GBP  
23rd May (Concession)show details + £10.75 GBP  
24th May (Full Price)show details + £15.75 GBP  
24th May (Concession)show details + £10.75 GBP  
25th May (Full Price)show details + £15.75 GBP  
25th May (Concession)show details + £10.75 GBP  

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Over 18’s only. This venue is accessed via a set of small stairs, please contact us to discuss any accessibility requirements. No admittance for latecomers.

Hen & Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul’s Road

London N1 2NA

*Unless the theatre has to close.