Chaos Is A Friend Of Mine

Chaos Is A Friend Of Mine

2nd – 5th Aug 6pm £10


Rural England, the Zombie epidemic happened just over a year ago. Surviving, that was the easy part, but what happens when you meet more Zombies than humans on a daily basis?
Megan, tough and emotionless has survived well but what happens when by chance she meets Dylan, somehow he has survived with his trusty weapon…a spatula! All Dylan really wants to do is have a cup of tea and wait for the whole thing to calm down…although that doesn’t look very likely.
A 1-hour play about two very different people coming to terms with the end of civilisation, personal losses and asking themselves, is it better to kill…or be killed?

Twitter: @chaosatcamden

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Hen & Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul’s Road

Islington N1 2NA