Brendon Burns ‘Outside The Box 2 – No f*ing Christmas Parties

 10th – 13th December 9.30pm – 11pm £12

Brendon Burns returns to entertain the ‘Outsiders’!

Earlier in the year Brendon Burns took to touring anything but traditional comedy venues. With over 100 shows to compete with he asked himself why bust his arse to sell tickets to people that wouldn’t comprehend him anyway. So rather than picking a fight, he ran and hid. He decided to follow in the footsteps of US comics Doug Stanhope and Patton Oswalt and leave the comedy clubs behind, touring absolutely anything but. From indie music venues to comic book stores, from zoos to libraries, Burns even played in people’s front rooms.

The tour was aimed at those with their ears to the ground. Fans that are truly passionate about stand up and were sick to death of having an opportunity to see one of their favourite comedians in their local club ruined because a stag do didn’t know when to keep quiet. Fans who are ok with sensitive subject matter and digging a little deeper to read the subtext within.

So as a follow up to Outside the Box, the anti-comedy club crowd tour, Burns and a few of his comedy chums are dodging the most dreaded of audiences – the office Christmas do.

For six nights only, from the 8th-13th of December in London he’ll be recording his podcast “The Brendon Burns Show” live with huge HUGE guests. Burns hopes to provide a safe haven and a warm relief from what many comics consider to be the most soul destroying part of their year.

Absolutely no group bookings (zero exceptions max ticket purchase of 4 people) and we’re really not going to far out of our way to even let people know where we are. Visit for more info on guests, location and times.

Because Burns is not your everyday comic. You need to have made your way through a few other comics to even understand him. He believes funny is a language, not everyone speaks it and laughter is the sound of comprehension. If none of this makes any sense to you and you don’t see why you and ten of your friends shouldn’t be the centre of attention, then you might want to find your festive fun elsewhere.

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10th Dec – matt lucas, imran yusef, bec hill, felicity ward

11th Dec –  romesh ranganathan, katherine ryan, sajeela kershi and steve mc’neil

12th Dec – robin ince, sam simmons, phil wang and adam vincent

13th Dec – adam bloom, john hastings, john robertson, matt kirshen


‘Jaw-dropping’ – Timeout ★★★★★★

‘A feeling I will never, ever forget’ – The Scotsman ★★★★★

‘Like nothing you have ever seen before’ – British Theatre Guide ★★★★★

‘Damn funny’ – Chortle ★★★★★

‘The best thing I’ve seen in ages’ The Guardian ★★★★★


Tickets booked online must be collected 15mins before showtime. Cash tickets are available for 30 mins at the box office.
Over 18’s only, limited access for people with disabilities, no admittance for latecomers.


Hen & Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul’s Road

London N1 2NA