Billy Parva: A True Story

8th, 9th & 10th 6pm £10

Billy Parva is the greatest man who ever lived. He gets all the women, has a celebrity lifestyle, could fight a bear to the death (skills he can only teach to fellow Army veterans), has more friends than you could throw a stick at, good looking, great gambler, and has charm that would make Will Smith blush. In his own head. That’s Billy’s biggest problem, is that he tells himself, and anyone who will listen just how great he is. But is he? Did he really have a fight with 40 men and come out the victor? Did he really work with Prince Andrew? Did he really buy his dad’s business from him, or was it handed down? Did he really start off his life with a sack of Valentines cards so heavy he couldn’t haul it onto his desk?
One thing we do know is that Billy is willing tell you everything, and once he gets going, good luck getting him to stop. He’ll even tell you that he’s telling the truth, and everything you’re hearing is 100% reality and not made up, I swear down!