Ben Moor & Joanna Neary
: BookTalkBookTalkBook

26th September 2.30pm £9.50

Jenny Nibbingley and Burton Mastrick truly need no introduction.

Their novels have long been secretly well-regarded by those in the know, but rarely bought or read by the general public.

Today’s literary event promises to be an enlightening discussion of such essential books as Why Reigate?, Randoms, Hatred of Broccoli, and Only If I Have To.

Tim Timminey will moderate.

Book Signing to follow afterwards.

Well, that’s the plan anyway.

But when do things go to plan?

BookTalkBookTalkBook combines a parody of awkward live author events; an exploration of artificial intelligence and the creative process; a Beckettian live theatre experience, and an experiment in the limits of patience regarding card tricks.

With jokes.

Funny and wise, imaginative and original, this is a show you can’t put down.

Sorry, that was more of an observation than a question.

Described online as “an awkward joy,” “an extraordinary piece of work by all concerned,” and “a mandatory booking at every book festival in the country,” please book now for a very different afternoon of books and talks and books and talks and books.

Joanna Neary produces hilarious, highly original character comedy shows in the vein of Vic Reeves and Victoria Wood. Her recent work includes Inbox – The Art of Now, and Before The Room Next Door with Michael Spicer, both for Radio 4; and TV and film credits include Darkest Hour, Miranda, Ideal, and Man Down. She has been nominated for Best Newcomer in the Edinburgh Comedy Awards and for Best Show at The Leicester Comedy Festival.

She is touring her current show based on her acclaimed podcast, Wife on Earth, throughout 2021.

“Character comedy at its best” The Guardian

Ben Moor has been producing offbeat solo comedy shows for nearly three decades, winning a Herald Angel Award for his show Coelacanth. As an actor, he has appeared in The Queen’s Gambit, A Very English Scandal, and The IT Crowd. He created the series Undone and Elastic Planet for BBC Radio, and is the author of the book More Trees to Climb.

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His current show, Who Here’s Lost? is a funny and melancholy roadtrip of the soul.

“Brilliant and bonkers” The Idler