BED – A one man show

3rd, 4th & 5th August 6pm £10/8

After recieving the Golden Knocker award at the 2023 Durham Fringe Festival for EVERJOY, Ben Donaghy is back with a new one-man show. Exploring the life of one person’s relationship to their perception of the world around them, BED follows the central character as they pack their life possessions into one box. This slowly starts to unravel to reveal a web of lies spun across several years, all pointing to a mental health crisis left unnoticed. All set on a bed in the centre of the stage, the audience is transported to scenes all over the world, from a hotel in Paris, a sleeper train, a rough night in a tent, and the all too familiar full-day hangover. Come on a journey under the bedsheets as Ben Donaghy forces you to question everything around you.

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