Banged Up Abroad

28th & 29th August 7.30pm £7

Runi Talwar Hannah Brissenden Kiran Saggu present Banged Up Abroad.

“Banged Up Abroad” is all about awkward cultural exploration told with confidence and only a delightful hint of confusion.

The show explores the experiences of three foreign comedians, in a country that loves foreigners. Kiran Saggu, Hannah Brissenden, and Runi Talwar navigate the trials and tribulations of sex, politics and identity thousands of miles from home, through a laugh-out-loud relatable show that everyone will get something out of. Or get off on.

In Banged Up Abroad, Hannah uses her sociological background to comment on the state of affairs both in and out of the bedroom because, let’s face it, every vagina is a political space. Kiran studies the history of colonisation and her heritage in cross-reference with her history of sexual partners and uses her findings to inform her stand-up, and future sexcursions. (DISCLAIMER: she is not a historian or professional academic of any kind.) Runi’s comedy mines his own personal experiences on race, sex, and identity, and how they relate to living in a world where these things are more anxiety-inducing than ever. He also promises has definitely had sex before.

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