A Simple Tale of Love

28th & 29th August 3pm £9/8

Rude Raven Productions present A Simple Tale of Love.

One night in a dimly lit alley way Molly meets a sinister stranger with a terrifying secret called J.D. and her life is never the same again.

The play ‘A Simple Tale of Love’ is a story about a woman who has lost not only her confidence but also herself along the way. She can’t let go of the past and she can’t face the present, in order to carry on she retreats further and further within, until she meets a man who re-ignites her lust for vitality, pleasure, salsa dancing and apple pies.

Leave your rationality at home and enter a strange and mystical world, where things are not always as they seem – ‘be it man or beast, be this heaven or hell’.

A dark farce – absurd in places, poignant in others; this is a tale of love and of how two become one, but also it explores the love of ones self, of ones dreams and is a metaphor for the reawakening of your deepest, darkest passion.

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