A Lady Does Not Scratch Her Crotch by Celeste Cahn

14th August 9pm, 17th & 18th August 3pm £10

Growing up is hard enough, but how about when Mrs. Potts stops you from masturbating? And a witch curses you with ugliness? And a strong man just cannot seem to let go of a woman who clearly does not love him?

In this whirlwind one-woman show, our hero seeks the help of feather-dusters, three blondes and even you, the audience, to figure out how she’s supposed to dress, act, kiss and love like a lady. But not too much.

In 55 minutes this show delves into how society, our friends, our families, our partners and even ourselves place made-up restrictions on women that we are never able to fully live up to, but must find a way to live with.

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