01 NFT | New Media | Experimental | Digital Arts Film Festival | 2024

2nd February 8.45pm

Right on the forefront of innovation, just before filmmakers, film festivals & audiences all get replaced by A.I., we offer up our newest offerings to the Gods of progress. Beautifully imagined films using the most advanced technologies this side of N.A.S.A. & Legoland. Come & be dazzled by looking into our collective futures. The future’s bright, the future’s….the 01 NFT | New Media | Experimental | Digital Arts Film Festival

Technology is completely transforming our world, our behaviour and our artistic expression. This festival is focused on genres of film, video and art that are on the cutting edge of our culture.

Ours is one of the only festivals in the world focused on the most innovative and ground breaking contemporary genres of visual and cinematic expression. From NFT and Digital images to Experimental films to Online Web Series to Music and Dance videos to Drone videos and more. This season we are in one of the world’s great creative hotspots; London, United Kingdom. This will give us a chance to showcase the most arresting new media content to an audience that’s both open and appreciative.

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